When we talk men’s health here, we discuss sexual problems, problems related to prostate and hernia. For sexual problems, Ayurveda deals with causes, symptoms and remedies (herbal remedies) for low libido, erectile dysfunction, male infertility, low sperm count and low quantity of semen. Ayurveda describes diet, life styles and use of herbs which make men healthy, develop resistance to diseases and to have active sexual life throughout. It is assured that genuine consultations shall be promptly replied by our men Health Consultants. For sexual problems, Ayurvedic aphrodisiacs have been well-known for its effectiveness since time immemorial. These products are used for improving erectile functioning. These powerful herbal formulas comprised of natural antioxidants and phytonutrients provides nourishment to every layer of the body — especially targeting the blood, muscle, bone and reproductive tissue. The Ayurvedic herbs like ashwagandha and shatavari help in increasing semen production and sperm count, jaiphal and nagkeshar aids in preventing premature ejaculation. Jyotishmati gives strength to the nerves in the penis and improves penile response to the stimulating impulses sent by the brain. These products help improving Men’s health, strength & sexual performance, treating night emissions & seminal weakness, developing strong psyche, vigor & vitality.

mineral pitch, guggul (exudate), himalayan fir (leaf), long pepper (fruit), pepper (fruit), chinese pistachio (gall), ginger (rhizome), indian kudzu (tuberous root), bamboo (secretion), indian cassia (leaf), cinnamon (bark), cardamom (fruit), mesua (flower), grape (fruit) extract, shatavari (root) extract, indian elecampane (root) extract, licorice (root) extract, oroxylum (bark) extract, malay bush beech (bark) extract, tribulus (whole plant) extract, uraria picta (whole plant) extract, indian tinospora (stem) extract, caraway (fruit) extract, cumin (fruit) extract, ashwagandha (root) extract, heart-leaf sida (root) extract, fragrant padri tree (bark) extract, indian kudzu (tuberous root) extract, holarrhena (seed) extract, pluchea (leaf) extract, ivy arum (fruit) extract, indian sphaeranthus (whole plant) extract, cyperus (tuberous root) extract, bael tree (bark) extract, baliospermum (root) extract. Other ingredients: gum acacia, talcum, magnesium

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