AYURVEDA explains that the Heart is the root of prana (life force) in the body. Our heart, mind, and breath are all connected as we inhale and exhale. When we’re scared, or our emotions run high, our heart might race, and we might feel ourselves holding our breath. So, the physical strength of our heart muscle is important to its health, but our emotions and mental state also play an important role. In Ayurveda, it is always essential to look beyond the symptoms to identify the cause of any particular disorder. We need to pay attention to all the areas of our lives and make accommodations where there is an imbalance that affects our health. The Ayurveda medicines support healthy fat metabolism, helps to maintain normal levels of blood cholesterol; support healthy fat metabolism, balance liver function & bile secretion, guggul promotes healthy cholesterol levels, healthy cholesterol is essential for balanced vitamin D production.

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